Four score and a quarter mile ago with nothing but two rubber nickels and a harmonica to rub together, two brothers met. Not brothers in blood but brothers in Blubb. A phoenix of fat sound…a largess of lipid notes, cords, arpeggios and shrieks strung together and shoved through a fateful intestine bound for a dense destiny.

That destiny is THE BLUBBA BROTHERS. William Sned Blubba and Chick E. Blubba created a BAND and embarked upon a barking impervious to any dog or slide whistle heard ever before or since. By logging in, you have now enveloped yourself in the supple folds of the BLUBBA BROTHERS. Listen, feel and see our rash. We THE BLUBBA BROTHERS and our friends, BROTHERS OF THE BLUBB, from now henceforth will be forever posting songs, videos and art­-shit for you to view and contemplate. We welcome your comments, bile and we certainly welcome you to the BLUBBA EXPERIENCE.

We are currently developing a mainstream destination for fans!.  Weekly updates!  More videos, galleries, stories, music coming your way!